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Welcome to Orchardside 

Orchardside school, Enfield, North London
November 2023

The 34Bus Collective for this project are Amaechi Anolue and Liv Wright

The 34Bus Collective were contacted by the Arts department of Orchardside school in Enfield to partner with them in creating two murals with their art students from years 9, 10 and 11 as a part of their " Lets Create Orchardside " mural ressidency funded by ACE 2023-2024. Students arrive at Orchardside having for whatever reason, a less than positive experience at mainstream school.

" Pixel Bot "

The objective was to create an artwork that would brighten up and create a warm atmosphere for pupils, teachers and visitors. The mural process was to provide a way to engage pupils, for them to learn new skills and work as a team.

20231201_163553 (1).jpg
" Jordan 4's"

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