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Rollin On

Upper Edmonton, North London
July 2022

The 34Bus Collective for this project are Amy Dolan, Liv Wright, Alistair Leys and Amaechi Anolue

Pymmes Park Bowls Club first opened its doors on the 16th June 1906. In recent years, the building had become tired, and unrecognisable as a Bowls Club to local residents. With support from Stories of Enfield, 34Bus have created this artwork, with the desire to celebrate the club's heritage and to keep its legacy alive. The artwork has been designed to create a welcoming entrance that opens the club doors to new members, from the local community.

34Bus artist spraying on stencil at Pymmes Park Bowls club mural in Edmonton

The idea for the mural was developed through workshops with club members and local residents. Oral histories, from current members, have also been taken alongside the workshops with current members,  many of whom have spent their lives in Edmonton. One member reminisced about a time where ‘the queue for the club went around the building’. This sparked our concept  for the artwork

The artwork is inspired by Fresco painting, which takes large groups, flattens their perspective and creates narratives within the composition. We photographed local people to create a bowls club queue which is made up of many characters and invites anyone passing to get in line. We want to encourage people to sign up and become part of the scene. 

34Bus artist painting Pymmes Park Bowls Club mural
Pymmes Park local residents posing nest to their portraits

The bowls club hosts and empowers sight and hearing- impaired games and competitions. It also embraces people who haven't played before, who want to get involved for friendly roll ups. To find out more about the club and becoming a member email or visit


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