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34Bus starts with a wall, building or space that is in need of colour and a bit of love. 


They then reach out to the people around the space and see what these people have to say. 34Bus have worked with schools ,friends of parks, charity groups and most of all passers by. They often accumulate a group that is invested in a space, because they walk,work, play by it or have some historical connection with it. 

Writing, collage and drawing is used to make accessible creative design workshops. Having conversations while using our hands is important.

The design workshops are focussed on discovering what people need from the space, and to come to an idea that belongs to everyone present. This is achieved through a number of idea sharing and idea evolving activities.


34Bus then takes this information to render a design that is informed by the space, working to make it the best space it can be.

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The painting process happens over a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the space. Each space has its’ own unique set of cleaning, planning and scaling up challenges, but 34Bus have a toolbox of different techniques and between the team members a great propensity for problem solving.  The spaces are fully risk assessed and the team makes it possible for volunteers to help put colour on the walls. Passersby are welcome to help,chat, and watch, during the painting process, making a collaborative, inclusive thinking space, in a public place. 

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