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Les Manos De Pepe

Valencia, Spain
January 2023

The 34Bus Collective for this project are Alistair Leys, Amy Dolan and Liv Wright

34bus mural in Valencia Spain

 "Les Manos De Pepe"was painted as a result of a special trip for the team. The design process was interwoven with the wedding celebrations of Patricio Forrester and Neus Gil Cortes of Art Mongers.Set in the agricultural ring surrounding the Spanish city of Valencia; this wall is part of an old farm building. It sits in the middle of fields of crops. Our Spanish is lacking, and we were grateful for Patricio's help in approaching Pepe the owner. 

Pepe explained that this land had played a part in his family history for generations, as well as in the Spanish Civil War. Pepe himself had worked the land for his entire life. We were struck by how this connection with the land was communicated through Pepe's being, especially through his hands as he handled the soil. The painting focuses on this point of connection between the farmer and the earth by situating a larger than life depiction of Pepe's hands above the farmland.

Pepes Hands

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