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New Cross, South London
October 2022

The 34Bus Collective for this project is Alistair Leys

34Bus artist on scaffolding tower painting in Deptford

The faces and body shapes of some of the figures in the mural have been blurred and abstracted in various ways, wiping away some of the conventional cues that we all use. There is a fluidity in form but also a metaphorical fluidity, speaking to ideas of race, gender and identity. The mural seeks to ask the viewer to look at the figures in a slightly different way; free from any
preconceived notions, seeing behind the surface.
Our shared differences and shared values We are all unique, we are all different, but we are all brought together by our shared values of inclusivity, being welcoming, kind and respectful of one another.

34Bus artist on scaffolding tower painting in Deptford

The mural explores how there might be differences and negative spaces between us but also
shows us how we can all be connected to each other. There is an interconnection between the
figures depicted in the mural but also between the figures and the viewer, inviting you to imprint
yourself into the composition.
The themes of equality, diversity and inclusion are global and just as the queer community sits
amongst a wider community that surrounds us, the mural takes its place within the
neighborhood and public realm that surrounds it.

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