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Reflective Play

Tufnell Park, North London
August 2022

The 34Bus Collective for this project are Amy Dolan, Amaechi Anolue and Liv Wright 

boy blowing  bubbles Tuffnell park primary school

'Reflective Play' was painted at Tufnell Park Primary School in North London in August 2022. The wall faces the nursery class and acts as a boundary to their playground. The mural adds a new dimension to this concrete wall, and provides a new landscape for the children's play. We worked with the early years classes, on a one day workshop.  Amaechi, Amy and Liv really enjoyed being invited into the children's imaginary games, during playtime.

We were struck by how much they used their imaginations, combined with their environment. Play materials like the bubbles added new possibilities to the playground as they flew to other places, reflected colourful bricks and added a new luminosity to the walls .  This is something we aimed to recreate in the final design for the wall.The railing elements echo the real environment but their perspective and colour are exaggerated, to create a playful interaction with the real  space.

34Bus artists posing in front of mural Tuffnell Park Primary school
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