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Passing It On

Lower Edmonton, North London
October 2022

The 34Bus Collective for this project are Liv Wright and Amaechi Anolue

Passing It On celebrates the heritage of Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. This shopping centre first opened its doors in 1970 moving businesses from the old Edmonton Market where traders had been passing on their stalls for generations. Many independent family run businesses remain here today and will hopefully continue to be passed down for years to come.

Local school kids in Edmonton Green shopping centre drawing in a mural workshop

34Bus wanted to acknowledge this as a special and important part of the heritage of Edmonton Green through this artwork of a 1970 styled store which reflects the old market in its window. A workshop was held where passers by were welcomed to stop and draw to share stories of their own family heritage, what has been passed to them and what they want to pass down. These stories inspired the objects displayed in the shop window. 

Family traditions from Edmonton shoppers which have been incorporated in the artwork include a secret family recipe to cure a cold, how to cook a fish, a baby blanket where every first born child will add a square, a tea tin which hasn’t rusted in 64 years, a gold bracelet which is a perfect fit if you have grandmas small wrists and traditional bridal clothing in orange and red passed on from mother to daughter. 

34Bus artist painting in Edmonton Green shopping centre mural

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