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Jordan 4's

Orchardside school, Enfield, North London
November 2023
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We collaborated with the year 10 and 11 art students to create a mural in the school reception area. We worked around themes the pupils were interested in, carried out drawing exercises, and played word games. Some of the themes were fashion, music, street art, and tattoos—these were also themes that students had chosen for their GSCE projects. The aim was to create a design inspired by the drawings and ideas generated from these themes.

The final design centered around a fresh pair of "Jordan 4's," Michael Jordan’s brand, which is popular among pupils and was initially drawn by a student who had centered their entire GCSE art project around Jordans. The mural features a bright background to capture attention, coupled with a welcoming message integrated into the trainer. Across the laces, the welcome message is translated into several languages, symbolizing the diverse cultures at Orchardside, both teachers and pupils.

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